Trip to Tomuraushi Onsen Kokumin Shukusha: Higashi Taisetsuso Hot Spring (click here for link to translated page on springs)
Near Obihiro , Japan - April 2005
On the way we stopped at a dam pretty high up in the mountains. We also saw lots of deer and a fox on the way back. In the springs, you could sit outside, in very hot water, contemplate the side of the mountain while snow gently fell. It only snowed briefly, but it was still quite an experience.

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In the car view of reservoir every one takes a pic the frozen raceway hotsprings_658W2741.jpg
hotsprings_658W2742 hotsprings_658W2744 hotsprings_658W2745 hotsprings_658W2751 hotsprings_658W2752
hotsprings_658W2742.jpg deer in motion sky and earth from car more deer one of many farms
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close to the top the inn having a drink with the stuffed deer